Our Vision:

“To build believers upon the Biblical foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ being the Chief Cornerstone, so that they might be equipped, activated, and then released to minister the Gospel to the church and in the world.”
Our Mission:
We will promote and facilitate the worship of the Lord God Almighty and of Jesus Christ in our localities, regions, and the world.
We will study, teach, demonstrate, and reverence the Holy Bible as the only infallible written Word of God
We will extend the righteousness of God to the secular world through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
We will plant and establish apostolic equipping stations ("Antioch Churches") which will prepare, equip and train "Breakthrough Believers" to be released to minister in the Church and in the world, as well as assist existing local ministries to do likewise as opportunities allow.

"...built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus
Christ himself being the chief corner stone... " -Ephesians 2:20b
Ministry Focus:

1.     The Word of God- the divine authority of the Holy Scriptures
2.     Individual relationship with God through worship and prayer
3.     Corporate worship and Christian fellowship
4.     Sound doctrine and instruction in righteousness
5.     Preparation for service and duplication of gifts
6.     Releasing believers into ministry
7.     Reaching the lost through evangelism
8.     Impacting the nations through world ministry
What We Believe:

We believe that it is God’s desire to restore His original pattern, according to the New Testament, to the Church. This pattern consists of a Body of saved, Holy Spirit-filled disciples empowered for service with spiritual gifts and overseen by a company of servant-leaders (Elders or Five-Fold Ministers) whose function is not to rule, but to lead by Christ-like example, and are accountable to the Church body, to one another, and ultimately to God the Father and to Jesus Christ, who is the Head and Chief Cornerstone of the Church.

Office Phone: 585-305-2339

E-mail: christfoundation@gmail.com
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